Chairman and CEO Message

Chairman and CEO Message

                    Thailand's economy in the past year is still in a slowdown period and must be monitored so still have to watch for changes that may occur and affect economic and social changes as a result, many companies are focusing on business operations together with strategies to increase competitiveness. Therefore is a challenge to the business of the company which must be adjusted to keep up with the changing situation. For the operating results of the year 2018 of the Company and subsidiaries, total revenues 4,566 million baht; net profit is 170 million baht and net profit per share of 0.14 baht Which is a good result in an intense competitive situation. However, the company is still committed and has the intention to run the business with one's full effort, By using guidelines according to the principles and standards of The Stock Exchange of Thailand And the Securities and Exchange Commission And the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SEC) strictly to be a good model for management to achieve results And also received the award of Pride in 2018 as follows;

                    1. Received 5 stars award from the Thai Listed Companies Corporate Governance Survey Year 2018 which Received 90% of the votes in the Excellent group and received the Top Quartile award in the market with a value of 3,000-9,999 million baht.

                    2. Received a 5-star award for evaluating the quality of the ordinary shareholders' meeting of listed companies in 2018 by receiving a 100% rating which is in the excellent group.

                    For the company's next plan We will focus on creating more investment opportunities. Under the support of the development of the country's infrastructure for sustainable growth Which can be seen from the company's new projects that are starting such as Focus on investment in energy and renewable energy. Manufacturer and distributor of electricity from hydroelectric power, Solar power plant business Including participating in other bidding projects both government and private companies Which is for the important goal to achieve a stable income. Which is good for building confidence in creating sustainable returns.

                    On behalf of the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Communication and Systems Solutions Public Company Limited, I would to thank you all the executives and staff for their dedication and in performing their full effort And help each other to overcome obstacles and achieve success and thank you to all shareholders and business partners For providing support and confidence in the company's until today

(Mr.Sompong Kangsawiwat)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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