Vision / Mission / CSS's Core Values and Business objectives


          "A leading company in the business of engineering communications. Business information technology and renewable energy products and systems engineering with quality management."


-  Distributing and delivering engineering products at a reasonable price and with excellent service.
-  Installing telecommunication systems with innovation to meet the needs of customers regarding international   
-  Auction operation tasks for installation communication technology systems and information technology until  
successful with advanced technology solutions.
-  Business operations of Renewable Energy and energy management policy for the Government to provide
new alternative energy sources of Thailand.

CSS's Core Values



Business objective

                    The Company aims to maintain its position as the market leader in the distribution of electric cable and equipment that is of high quality and standards and to provide a one-stop service, which means offering a wide range of electrical wires and equipment of all types that makes it convenient and easy for customers to order and receive their goods. The aim is to meet customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently so that they receive the highest satisfaction.
                    The Company aims to maintain its status as the country’s leading provider of services in the design and installation of passive fire protection and telecommunication systems, focusing on improving operational efficiency and quality services to ensure customer confidence that work will be completed to the quality and schedule they require. By focusing on these areas, the Company has experienced business success.
                    In addition, the company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for the management of telecommunications systems installations from United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (URS). However, the company remains committed to development of operational efficiency in order to meet the needs of our customers to the maximum. In 2017, The company has undertaken to improve the quality system, by expanding the scope to identify the risks and opportunities that affect the quality management system of the organization including the planning and control of changes that may affect the production and delivery of products or services. With a commitment to quality and continuous development The company can raise towards ISO certification 9001:2015 from United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (URS) is completed.
                    The Company aims to expand business to cover the installation of other communication systems. As well as expanding the business into a growing industry and a government policy such as installation communication technology systems and business of Energy to provide new alternative energy sources of Thailand.


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