Distribution business

The Company operates as a distributor of electrical wires and other types of electrical systems equipment, as well as passive fire protection materials and equipment from leading international manufacturers such as Phelps Dodge, Philips and 3M. The Company orders products from both Thai and foreign manufacturers based in Thailand as well as importing special products from foreign manufacturers, mainly to sell to customers in the private sector such as general contractors and project developers, and through wholesale and retail outlets throughout the country. The Company has a sales team to contact and coordinate sales through various channels and 4 warehouse facilities which enable the rapid delivery of products to meet customer needs. In the last year, the Company was aware of the importance of safety issues and therefore took out product transportation insurance in order to deliver products quickly, safely and with maximum efficiency. In 2013 and 2014, revenues from the distribution operations made up 83% and 74% of total revenue respectively. Products which the Company distributes can be divided into 6 main types: electrical wires, lamps and lighting equipment, conduits and installation equipment, electrical systems control equipment, passive fire protection materials and equipment and electrical transformers, with details as follows:

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