Design and installation business

In 2013 and 2014, installation services made up approximately 16% and 25% of the Company’s total revenue respectively.The Company’s installation services can be separated into 2 areas: (1) communication system design and installation and (2) fire protection systems and maintenance services.

1. Communication System design and installation

Over the course of several years, the telecommunications industry has seen continuous growth, together with changes in technology and consumer behaviour, and the Company first recognizing the opportunities for the installation of telecommunications towers in 1999. Currently, the Company provides design, purchasing and installation services for telecommunication systems, both mobile telephone signal systems and complete basic telephone systems, by a professional team of engineers with over 10 years’ experience. When taking on an installation project, the Company will study and design a steel-framed tower, using one of several designs through a computer program that allows changes to be made to the proportions, form, height and weight of the mast, in order meet the customer’s requirements and for the efficient transmission of mobile signals, and also produces a design ready for the communication equipment such as the signal transmission systems of different mobile phone operators, power systems and electric wiring systems. Next, the Company will hire a contractor to prepare the construction area, lay the foundations, construct the steel frame and install the communication equipment, with the Company’s engineers overseeing construction, connecting the signal and testing that the quality of the work meets the customer’s specifications and is handed over as scheduled. In addition, the Company provides after-sales services with a 1-year warranty period to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of the work. The Company’s main customers are mobile network operators from the private sector and contractors who have been hired directly by mobile network operators. (See additonal details in the telecommunication installation business). In 2013 and 2014, design, purchasing and installation services for telecommunication systems accounted for 15% and 21% of the Company’s total revenue respectively.

Characteristics of the telecommunications towers installed areas follows:

  • 1. Self-Supporting Tower

  • 2. Guyed Mast Tower

  • 3. Pole

2. Fire Protection System design, purchasing and installation

The Company offers design, purchasing and installation services for fire stops to customers who purchase 3M products supplied by the Company. Intallation services can cover open spaces following electrical conduits and water or air conditioning systems that pass through walls or floors in offices and homes, using passive fire protection materials and equipment which provide protection from the effects of heat, flames and smoke for at least 3 hours and have a 1-year warranty period to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of the work. The Company has a professional team of engineers with almost 20 years’ experience who have been trained by the manufacturer to offer advice on the design of fire and smoke protection systems that comply with safety standards and consult on quality testing standards.

In addition, the Company is able to provide consultancy, design, purchasing and product development services or other services related to engineering projects as required by customers (special projects), such as the purchase and installation of silencers for the underground rail project o fthe Mass Rapid Tansit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) in 2000 and the installation and maintenance of energy-saving lamps and lighting in 2010 - 2012 ("Smart Way" project) for the Energy Engineering Institute, Kasetsart University and the Provincial Electricity Authority.

In 2013 and 2014, fire protection system design, purchasing and installation and other services accounted for approximately 1% of the Company's total revenue.

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